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Misha Scholte

Senior UX Designer

Kan reizen naar Haarlem, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Leiden

  • 52.3885
  • 4.6388
  • Indicatief tarief € 750 / dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
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Deze freelancer heeft aangegeven fulltime beschikbaar te zijn, maar heeft dit meer dan 7 dagen niet meer bevestigd.

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Misha hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Haarlem, Nederland
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Haarlem en 10 km rondom
  • Amsterdam en 10 km rondom
  • Utrecht en 10 km rondom
  • Rotterdam en 10 km rondom
  • Leiden en 10 km rondom


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Misha in het kort

Hey! I'm an energized UX/UI Designer with 10 years of experience. In my career I've worked on all kinds of products. From new concepts to rebuilds of existing products. From consumer facing to internal tools. From small companies to big media brands. I love them all. I also have taken the role als Product Owner from time to time next to design which makes me a jack-of-all-trades and mastered some of them.

I'm a firm believer in co-creation. I want to work with developers and stakeholders to determine what we need to solve and find the 'ah-hah!'-solution. As a strategist I help you with the bigger picture. As a designer, I create pixel-perfect mockups and flows. As a prototyper I help to test your ideas in just a week. And as a researcher I search through your data to find the interesting bits of information.

I offer multiple ways of working together:
- As part of your team. I work full time alongside you or your co-workers in sprints to solve your business needs and optionally help improve the way of working
- A user experience audit, which is a comprehensive product design health report. It's a thorough usability, user interface, interaction, and visual design audit, and includes a redesign of a single page in your product with actionable suggestions for improvement (2 - 4 weeks)
- Individual coach, where from time to time I sit in 1:1 with your designers to help them become better at product design. I challenge them when they present design work and provide actionable suggestions for becoming a better presenter, designer or just happier in general. In my experience, it's best to do these kind of sessions at least twice a week, 1 hour at a time
- Facilitating a workshop. I help you with a design sprint for example or any other format that fits

Have any questions? Please send me a message! I'm always in for a quick 30 minutes meeting to see if I can help you.




Lead Designer & CRO Specialist  - Als freelancer

Amsterdam, NH, Nederland

september 2022 - Vandaag (6 maanden)

I lead the design team and help Simyo transition to a different type of organization.

DPG Media Magazines


Lead UX

Hoofddorp, Nederland

januari 2022 - augustus 2022 (7 maanden)

At DPG Media Magazines (part of DPG Media) I work as the Lead User Experience Designer. I team up with several Heads of Product to work on the roadmap. Together we balance the business models, tech stacks and desired user experience. I'm currently spearheading the creation of a multi-tenant publishing platform which allows our cluster to rapidly test new brands and see if they fit a customer need.

My responsibilities are:
- Design and test a publishing platform that can power current and yet-to-acquire brands
- Create and implement a design system to increase the overall design capacity without introducing more FTE's
- Improve the way of working by facilitating workshops and inspire the team with user centered methods

DPG Media - DPG Media


Sr. UX Designer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

januari 2017 - december 2020 (3 jaren en 11 maanden)

At DPG Media I was part of the central research & design team and worked on project basis for each of DPG Media's brands. For example, I...
- designed and validated a subscription-based multi-tenant publishing platform which powers De Volkskrant, Het Parool, Trouw and three other brands
- designed and validated an advertisement-based multi-tenant publishing platform for Algemeen Dagblad and
- redesigned and improved the writing & publishing process for 3000+ journalists in DPG Media's own CMS. I took the role as Product Owner and UX Designer to develop new tools to increase productivity
- optimized subscription funnels and introduced in-app purchases, which shattered DPG's sell record
- ran design sprints to rapidly test new ideas in just a week
- hired, onboarded and coached new designers for our design team
- worked with stakeholders to improve our own proces from concept to delivery
- implemented and evangelized design systems thinking

In these projects, I've worked in multiple settings, ranging from being the solo UX Designer to running a design team of 3. I've worked as a dedicated designer embedded in development teams and on some occasions as upstream designer paving the way forward. My stakeholders range from CEO's and Department Heads down to Marketing Managers and journalists. The thing I enjoyed the most in my time at DPG Media was inspiring stakeholders and bringing them together.


Film & audiovisueel

Sr. UX Designer MyChannels

augustus 2017 - maart 2018 (7 maanden)

In 2016 De Persgroep acquired Makers Channel, a video- and influencers network. Makers Channel is a Netflix for Shortform content and attracts a young audience. It has a vast catalogue of content and a very talented production house. I was responsible for the integration of the video platform in the news brands. We designed a system that each brand could implement with little effort. This enabled brands to experiment with different kinds of video content and offerend monitization options right from the start.


Pers & media

UX Design Lead

Amsterdam, Netherlands

mei 2016 - december 2016 (7 maanden)

Trouw is a Dutch daily newspaper that struggled with their digital transformation. In six months, I defined the online strategy and redesigned the digital precense. I did this by running workshops with stakeholders to align business requirements. With market researchers, we defined a target audience and researched their needs. Based on the research, we made a responsive design for the website and made two hybrid apps. One of the challenges the editorial team faced was a decline in resources. We implemented a CMS that allowed a 'no-hands-on-deck'. This meant that the team could spent more time writing content and less time managing the website. To increase revenue, we reimagined the subscription and advertisement propositions to better reflect modern business practices.

Algemeen Dablad

Pers & media

Product Owner & Design Lead

Amsterdam, Netherlands

januari 2015 - april 2016 (1 jaar en 3 maanden)

Algemeen Dagblad is one of the most popular news brands in the Netherlands. I joined as Product Owner and UX Designer and led a redesign project. The initial scope was to redesign the website and native apps. We ended up creating a Web and App platform that is being used by 5 other news brands. I worked close with stakeholders to define the strategy and led an offiste development team. We designed the website, apps and CMS with workflows for the editorial teams. This minimized the publication time for the editors allowing them to write a lot more articles. After launch, Algemeen Dagblad saw a huge increase in traffic. They became the third biggest news website in the Netherlands.


Product Owner & UX Designer  - Als freelancer

mei 2014 - december 2014 (7 maanden)

The start-up Carsom is a marketplace for people needing car repairs or maintenance. I got on board as a Product Owner and UX Designer to lead the development team to improve the user experience. I've conceptualized and designed two major features. One was an automated system where users could input their license plate number to get detailed insights in which parts needed change or maintenance. If a part needed change or maintenance, the user could see which nearby garages could help. The second was an automated system which answered incoming quote requests for car mechanics. With this system, car mechanics got a detailed description about the job and a rough estimate what the profit margin would be. This enabled them to spend less time answering quote requests and more time in the workplace. In the end, a car mechanic only had to look at the calculated profit margin and decide to accept or reject the job.


Product Owner & UX Designer

augustus 2010 - mei 2014 (3 jaren en 9 maanden) is a Dutch technology website featuring tech journalism, a price comparison tool and a community. I was responsible for the product development as product owner and UX Designer. I defined the mobile strategy and led two major redesign projects. As part of the first redesign project (2010), I designed a CMS for content editors to rapidly add new products and specifications to the price comparison tool. In the second redesign project (2013) I spearheaded Dutch mobile development by implementing a responsive design. I spend most of my time talking with the community to gather their wishes and explaining our choices. I worked with stakeholders to write business requirements and shape the mobile roadmap. There were some hard decisions to make. For example: I decided to sunset the native apps, so we could focus on the development of the responsive design. In the end, the community embraced the new design as it offered the full Tweakers experience on every device.

VNU Media

Email marketeer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

januari 2010 - juli 2010 (6 maanden)

At VNU Media I was responsible for the B2B and B2C email communication. As designer/marketer I designed and coded campaigns and newsletters for brands like Intermediair, Computable and Nationale Vacaturebank. I analysed data and vigorously tested designs via A/B-testing to figure out what works. I helped implement a new email service provider and supported other marketers who were tasked with creating landing pages.

Wouter Ronteltap - DPG Media


Naast dat Misha een fijn mens is om mee samen te werken, is het ook een hele bijzondere designer; Hij is conceptueel super sterk, maar daarnaast snapt hij de business kant ook heel goed bij een product (wat helaas vaak toch het belangrijkst is). Hij weet bepaalde moeilijkheden van tevoren op tafel te krijgen, die normaal gesproken pas na de technische implementatie boven komen drijven. Kortom, een aanwinst voor elk development team!