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Alexey A. Zakevich

Product owner / Project manager

Kan reizen naar Amsterdam

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  • Indicatief tarief € 500 / dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
  • Antwoordpercentage 100%
  • Antwoordtijd 1 uur
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Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Alexey A. hebt geaccepteerd.

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Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
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  • Amsterdam en 50 km rondom


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  • ≤ 1 maand
  • tussen 1 en 3 maanden
  • tussen 3 en 6 maanden
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Alexey A. in het kort

I have experience over 20+ years in IT. Last 10+ years was focused on development mobile and web applications, both hybrid and native in different spheres: banking, horeca, government, fintech & foodtech startups, retail and so on.
In fast changing world we are using modern stack of technologies to be a step ahead.

Within a great team we're ready to provide turnkey service:
1. Moqup (UI/UX) you idea from requirements (without in advance payment)
2. Professional and modern design and clickable version in Figma (30% in advance payment)
3. Develop mobile and web application turnkey.

Providing guarantee period and support (Time&Material or outsourcing).

Let's plan a call to discuss opportunity about collaboration and we will help you to bring your idea to live.




Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy

Product Owner (business analyst) & DevOps

Amsterdam, Netherlands

januari 2022 - Vandaag (5 maanden)

manage the Finance & Risk Platform squad
describe documentation, collaborate with stakeholders
classic SCRUM (daily scrums, planning & refinement sessions, retrospective)
responsible for improving and formalizing onboarding environment (for new employees and new teams who joined to our platform)

Develop software - Match&Merge Tool for Regulatory Reporting using Azure, Python, Kaffka, Oracle, htmx, XFB, Digiport. Generate & deliver regulatory reports to 8 countries.
Behavior-Driven Development and TDD (Gherkin).

OneTwoPlay Games BV

CTO & co-founder

The Hague, Netherlands

mei 2020 - maart 2022 (1 jaar en 10 maanden)

wore many hats: Game Producer/Designer & Product Manager, UA and Monetization, Publisher relations. Created 40+ of F2P hyper/casual mobile games, including Match 3 Puzzles, Word Puzzles & Trivia. Headed in-house game development and CI/CD, distribution to Web, Google Play, Apple Store. Headed 10+ indie game development studios from different countries. Collaborated with top world publishers, such as Moonee, Playducky, MambooGames, SuperSonic, VooDoo, TapNation and others.

Luxystech Games

CTO & co-founder

Haifa, Israel

februari 2019 - juni 2021 (2 jaren en 4 maanden) CTO & co-founder April 2020 - May 2021 (1 year 2 months)

Luxystech Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Karagandy 100000, Kazakhstan

augustus 2012 - januari 2021 (8 jaren en 5 maanden)

-Strategy, Vision & Mission Planning
-Public Relations & Media Affairs
-Sales & Marketing Leadership
-Programs, Services & Products
-Finance, Budgeting & Cost Management
-Human Resources Management
-Team Building & Performance Improvement Tasks and projects: Developed business from scratch. Nowadays, Luxystech is well know Company in Kazakhstan and neighbor countries as Software Development Organization. We have an expertise in following areas:
-mobile application development;
-design & developing complex systems using microcontrollers, sensors and a variety of equipment;
-cloud platforms development;
-offer a wide range of design services: logo design and corporate identity, branding, product branding, documentation and much more. Was successfully done over 250 projects in different areas, including well know company, such us Sberbank, TEDx, Nazarbayev Universirty, Bankowsky Post System, SpaTravel, Kazakhstan Utility Systems, Limagrain, Karabatan, Bolashak and etc. The Company motto is "There is nothing more difficult than to create simple and understandable software products". Was created own products:
-The Queue Management System "SmartQ" is a software-hardware complex for distributing the flow of customers in the organization.
-"Simple Web-Studio" see more information at (The system of auction booking a taxi), available only in Russian language. - online food ordering service - 31 cities, over 250 bars&restaurants. self-employed Project manager + Senior Software Engineer September 2011 - August 2012 (1 year) Responsibilities:
-analysis mobile software market (android, apple);
-develop new mobile software conception;
-develop business requirements;
-project' control & management (determining resources, creating plan, preparing status reports etc.)
-design software architecture;
-software development. Tasks and projects: Worked on creation the entertainment widget application for Android based devices from zero level. Working on implementation front-end part. This is a web-based application which is responsible to provide GUI for choose and buy new themes for entertainment widget application. Environment: Android API level 10, platform 2.1, all dpi; Eclipse Indigo (Java); WordPress; Php, html, css, JavaScript.

CardPay Inc.

Head of R&D department

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

februari 2012 - mei 2012 (3 maanden)

-head of department (5 Software Engineers);
-project' control & management (meetings, determining resources, creating plan, interviewing candidates, preparing status reports etc.)
-regulation of employees activities;
-write technical requirements specification (TRS) from business requirements documents;
-develop of architectural decisions, learning new technologies, research and analysis of various methods for solving tasks;
-participate in the large and important projects as a consult software engineer;
-conduct business and technical correspondence with banks acquirers, vendors, merchants.

Consolsys Sdn Bhd

Senior Software Engineer

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

augustus 2011 - februari 2012 (6 maanden)

-design software architecture;
-software development;
-code refactoring, consulting;
-support & troubleshooting;
-involve new comers into the development process;
-communicate with vendors. Tasks and projects: Worked on creation the Consolsys Device Integration Framework from zero level. This is a software-hardware complex which distributed as back end system for bank branches to support different type of devices (MyKad Readers, SignPad, CheckReaders, Printers, Scanners, etc) for SilverLight applications. The Framework was successfully produced to production.

LINK institute of mangement

Project manager

februari 2011 - juli 2011 (5 maanden)

-manage internet-project — the system of distance education;
-support, troubleshooting, administration and develop all parts of web-site;
-converting and loading new SCORM courses; (OutStart Trainer);
-improve current services and develop new one;
-consulting students and tutors. Tasks and projects:
-new design of web-site was created; (Adobe Photoshop)
-was done the test stand for development (Linux Red Hat, Apache, php, Vexim, JBOSS, MySQL, MaxDB etc);
-modification and actualization of web-site; (php, html, MySQL);
-worked on integration new design, appended Wiki, Forum on test stand;
-was added Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics;
-was optimized the process of issuing certificates;
-was integrated with Social Networks;
-database was prepared to export to CRM system (MaxDB, Terrasoft CRM).

ComIntech OJSC

Project manager + software developer

september 2010 - juni 2011 (9 maanden)

-project' control & management (determining resources, creating plan, preparing status reports etc.)
-writing technical requirements specification (TRS) from business requirements documents;
-design software architecture;
-design database architecture;
-software development;
-writing user guides;
-software documentation development (GOST 19).

Screen Scientific Industrial Company

Team Leader

juli 2009 - april 2010 (9 maanden)

- control & management the developers team (5 people);
-manage the project Hydra-4 (software-hardware complex for receiving, processing and imaging hydro located information);
-manage the project «Holograms Processing Complex» (software complex which is responsible for processing acoustical images of the bottom surface);
-design software architecture;
-software development;
-software assembly, setting and administration of assembly server. Tasks and projects:
-was chosen the project control system (drawing up a list of requirements, analyses of existing solutions, presentation of systems);
-was installed and configured the TrackStudio system for project control & management;
-was optimized software assembly process;
-worked on creation of the project Hydra-4. Was created light version of the project and was passed tests on Moscow river. Environment: Windows 32-bits, VC++ 2005, QT, TinyXml.
-worked on the project «Holograms Processing Complex».
-was automated the process of recording and maintenance of engineering and program documentation (GOST 19 and 2); (MS Access, VBA);
-was created the project «Controllers framework flashing» (software which distributed to the factory in order to control controller frameworks flasing, issued at the plant), software protection based on HASP technology (C++, QT, HASP SDK, was listened course of lection about software protection and hack in Aladdin Company)

Moscow Credit Bank

Head of bank system direction

juni 2004 - juni 2009 (5 jaren)

-department work performance coordination (13 programmers); principal supervision of direction (5 programmers);
-project' control & management (meetings, determining resources, creating plan, interviewing candidates, preparing status reports etc.);
-conduct business and technical meetings;
-develop technical requirements, agreement and interpretation tasks for developers;
-work acceptance, algorithm check-up, program code reviewing, consulting;
-design software & database architecture; (MS Visio, ERwin)
-conduct seminars, lectures about banking software. Tasks and projects:
-was created the project «Finance complex» from zero level (automated opening the bank products set for one client per one transaction). Environment: Windows 32-bits, ERwin, Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL, Siebel CRM, XML, SOAP, CrystalReport. Project was successfully finished and produced to production.
-was automated the process of receiving municipal payments. Environment: Windows 32-bits, ERwin, Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL, Active-X, XML. Was tested and produced to production.
-participated in improving of credit products (Delphi, PL/SQL, Atlantis, Siebel CRM)
-worked on improving and modernization different bank modules, sub-systems and back-end core;
-was created training class-room (individual room, which contain 1 server and 8 user education computers). Environment: Windows server 2000, Windows XP as client, Oracle Server 8.1.7, Oracle Server 10g Enterprise Edition + own bank-end system.
-was created the project «Cash operations» from zero level according to instruction 1 13-i; Environment: Windows 32-bits, ERwin, Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL, Active-X, CrystalReport. Project was successfully finished and produced to production.

Valut-Tranzit Bank

Senior Software Engineer

Karagandy 100000, Kazakhstan

april 2002 - april 2004 (2 jaren)

-administrate, support and improve the "Quorum" banking system; (
-design software & database architecture;
-software development;
-conduct seminars, lectures about banking software;
-administrate servers: Btrieve, JurInfo, Reuters dealing server;
-educate first&second level support team;
-develop user guide, software documentations. Tasks and projects:
-was created the project «Private Deposit» from zero level (software complex for servicing and maintaining of customer deposits) (Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL, VBScripts, cmd commands). Project was successfully finished and produced to production. Was conducted seminars about education "How to work with new software complex" (2 times per week, for audience ~100-120 people); Was developed instructions and regalement for step-by-step conversion old software to new one; Was successfully converted all bank branches (more than 100 branches in the all parts of Kazakhstan).
-worked on improving and modernization banking software (Oracle SQL, PL/ SQL, Atlantis): "Payment docflow"; "Fast transfers for individual customers","Transfer between the banks"; "Lototron" software (prize drawing on deposit and cash transaction); "Reporting Sub-System".
-worked on creation different reports for different back-office departments;
-was integrated banking system «Quorum» with own credit card processing system: was analysed processing system; was designed integration mechanism logic; was developed integration and produced to production (PL/SQL, Atlantis, Borland C++).