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Julieta Colombo
Python Full Stack Developer
4 aanbevelingen
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    € 350 / dag
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    € 350
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    € 350
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Julieta in het kort
I am a software engineer and developer from Argentina.

I am persistent, creative, I love challenges and I seek to continue learning, contributing with my experience and knowledge to the goals of the project I find myself in.

I moved to Amsterdam in 2021 and now I decided that it is time to start freelancing, because I'm responsible of my tasks and I count with lot of experience already. I worked for many industries, so I adapt myself quickly to any kind of project.

I worked mainly in the backend but I have experience working in the frontend, so I consider myself a full stack developer. Although I used tons of languages and frameworks, I like python, Django and Vue.js better. Most of my experience was built using these technologies. However I'm open to learn something new if necessary!

My experience overview would be:
- API definition
- Database structure definition
- Testing
- Experience in dealing with complex business requirements
- Payment service integration: Stripe
- AWS integration: S3
- Email service integration: Sendgrid
- Docker and Docker Compose setup and support
- CI/CD and environments setup: gitlab and GitHub

I also write tech articles in Medium!

Visiti my personal website!

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    Menlo Park, CA, USA

    september 1998 - Vandaag   25 jaren
    Als ik het zou moeten samenvatten, zou ik zeggen dat het een geweldig avontuur is...

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4 externe aanbevelingen
Sandro Manuel Damilano MaisonSM
Sandro Manuel Damilano Maison
She has always performed her tasks very professionally. Clear explanations and quick corrections were a given.
She was also deeply committed to every student she had to tutor, both online (emails, web campus) and offline (before or after lectures).
She has been an excellent teacher, mentor and colleague overall, one that every classroom would definitely benefit from.
Mariel Guadalupe VargasMG
Mariel Guadalupe Vargas
I had the opportunity to work with Julieta on very challenging projects and, honestly, she has not only been able to achieve the goals, but has gone further, proposing improvements and new ideas for the products she developed and for the team in general. Beyond that, Julieta is a great person, with whom it is a pleasure to work.
Leonardo Santa CruzLS
Working with Juli was a very satisfying experience for many reasons.

For me, the main one could be the excellent connection we developed as a team and also how quickly she used to find out a solution for each problem.

I would definitely recommend working with her.
Gaspar HabifGH
I shared with Juli several projects in which she stood out not only for her great technical skills, but also for her predisposition, her proactivity and her pragmatism.

In those projects she lead the backend using mainly Django, but she didn't doubt when having to help her partners with the infrastructure (Everything Docker based) or with the frontend (VueJS).

I think she is the best choice you can make if you need someone responsible with pretty good delivery, to deal with some challenging tasks.

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