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Vincent Franken

Data science & AI expert

Kan reizen naar Leuven

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  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
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Deze freelancer heeft aangegeven beschikbaar te zijn vanaf 3-4-2023

Tot 3-4-2023

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Vincent hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Leuven, België
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  • Leuven en 50 km rondom


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Vincent in het kort

I am an entrepreneurial data scientist with a passion for AI.

I can tell you a lot about myself, but I suggest to just get in touch and meet up! We might decide to collaborate or at least, we will have a great conversation on a topic that makes us both passionate and you'd leave with my advice for your project.

I am passionate about innovation in data science, eager to drive new data-driven solutions and technologies.

I co-founded Adshot, an online platform which connects brands to influencers and allows them to collaborate efficiently. I am the technical co-founder and elaborated a datadriven backbone for the company.
My tasks consist of managing the company's technical backlog, and leading the development team on a daily basis. As one of Adshot’s directors, I also took care of strategic and business planning.
Our intelligent datadriven backend assists matchmaking- and pricesetting strategies: a project I elaborated for which we were granted goverment innovation grants.

In my previous job at a big entertainment company, I was part of the datawarehouse team (SQL Server) and responsible for designing databases and -flows. I was the main go-to person for data science and AI projects. I created interactive data visualizations (PowerBI, SSRS, …), predictive models (R) and data-driven marketing segmentations. Some of my proposed solutions resulted in organizational shifts in the use of data for marketing efforts.

Before working there as a freelancer, I arrived there first as a consultant of the Big Data & Analytics team of a big IT consultancy company, in which I already worked on various projects: dashboarding project for financial monitoring, building an AI app to analyze movement data, outlining and presenting big data roadmaps for several clients, ...

My education consists of a Master in Computer Science at KULeuven, after which I also further proceeded in the Advanced Master of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Big Data Analytics.