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Thomas V.

Data analytics consultant

Thuiswerken vanuit Koksijde

  • 51.093271
  • 2.64758
  • Indicatief tarief € 500 / dag
  • Werkervaring 2-7 jaar
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Deze freelancer heeft aangegeven parttime beschikbaar te zijn, 3 dagen per week, maar heeft dit meer dan 7 dagen niet meer bevestigd.

Parttime , 3 dagen per week

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Thomas hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Koksijde, WV, België
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  • ≤ 1 maand
  • tussen 1 en 3 maanden
  • tussen 3 en 6 maanden
  • Telecommunicatie
  • Sport
  • Softwareproductie
  • Publieke sector
  • Pers & media
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Vaardigheden (17)

Thomas in het kort

Ik heb een master handelsingenieur met major in data analytics. 4 jaar geleden startte ik als data consultant waarbij ik predictive maintenance modellen bouwde en implementeerde in samenwerking met klanten.

Na 2 jaar nam ik een rol als product owner op. Hierbij werkte ik zelf proof-of-concepts uit maar stuurde ik ook actief een software development team aan. Het aanspreekpunt zijn van klanten en het vinden/onboarden van nieuwe klanten waren belangrijke onderdelen van mijn takenpakket.


Endare - Your digital innovation partner

Product owner Emergency Services

Ghent, Belgium

februari 2020 - Vandaag (2 jaren en 6 maanden)

As a product owner I mainly focus on 3 things:
- Foster relationships with existing customers and reach out to new customers
- Building innovative product roadmaps that fit the needs of tomorrow
- Translate these needs to requirements for our development team Currently, I'm working with Belgium's emergency services to deliver seamless experiences in their time-critical environment.

DELOITTE - Deloitte Organisation

Data Analytics Consultant - NGIN

Zaventem, Belgium

september 2018 - februari 2020 (1 jaar en 5 maanden)

Deloitte's NGIN (Next Generation INfrastructure) team aims to build the future of data-driven utilities infrastructure, mainly leveraging Predictive Asset Maintenance (PAM). As an Analytics consultant, I worked for several of Belgium's biggest utility companies and transform their way of working in a data-driven way. This entailed predictive modelling as well as giving extensive workshops and presentations at clients.

DELOITTE - Deloitte Organisation

aiStudio - Belgian representative

Frankfurt, Germany

november 2018 - mei 2019 (6 maanden)

In Franfurt, I was part of the first iteration of Deloitte EMEA's aiStudio. During my time in Frankfurt, I worked with an international, multicultural team to develop machine learning models and complete AI solutions for both Deloitte and clients. I was involved in several projects over the course of 6 months. One of those projects - and my main focus - entailed assessing the condition of a municipality's road network based on damage detection through image recognition. (video in link) I gave multiple workshops and presentations to clients, linking their business needs to technological requirements.

Start Global

START Summit Ambassador

Ghent, Belgium

november 2017 - februari 2018 (3 maanden)

START Global is Europe's leading initiative for entrepreneurship among students. It was founded in 1996 and since then shapes a new generation of entrepreneurs who, in times of technological change, solve society's challenges and take advantage of the new arising opportunities.

Procter & Gamble - Procter & Gamble

Internship Connect + Develop

Brussels, Belgium

september 2017 - december 2017 (3 maanden)

At Procter & Gamble, together with a team, I was responsible for setting up a corporate hackathon around Robotics and AI. We were fully responsible for branding of the event and bringing in participants as well as taking care of the coaching infrastructure. This experience made me get to know one of the world's biggest companies and its way of innovating. It made me operate in a team of P&G employees and raise my young voice in a group of more experienced people. I got to work with leading tech and robotics companies and present in front of an audience filled with people from these companies. It gave me better time management skills, a better way of working in a team with experienced people, enhanced my creative abilities and made me a better public speaker.

Gibson & Hills Group

External consultant at Gibson & Hills Group Mauritius


juli 2017 - augustus 2017 (1 maand)

At Gibson & Hills, an HR consultancy company in Mauritius, I was an international volunteer through AIESEC's volunteering program. Together with two other volunteers, I did a complete rebranding of the company including branding strategy, new website, new logo and social media planning. We overhauled their applicant tracking system, changed their application methods and enhanced internal process flows. This international experience made me work with people from all over the world, managing cultural differences and speaking English constantly. Living in a house with 30 other people for six weeks made me step up as the leader of the group, planning chores and trips across the island.


Vice President Incoming Exchange

Ghent, Belgium

mei 2017 - augustus 2017 (3 maanden)

Being elected as Vice President of Incoming exchange, I was responsible for leading the whole department. This incorporated leading nine people, closing strategic partnerships and being the main point of contact for companies. This position helped me in my interviewing skills since I interviewed multiple people to join our team. It enhanced my negotiation skills with landing a national partnership with imec as a highlight. It made me a better people manager since taking care of the whole organisation together with the other members of the board was now a crucial task. It made me a better public speaker since almost every meeting was mine to lead and during committee meetings, inspiring other members was part of my job.


Team leader ICX AIESEC Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

oktober 2016 - april 2017 (6 maanden)

At AIESEC, I immediately started as a team leader, leading three other team members. Our goal was to target start-ups and incubators to invest in international talent. This experience made me communicate efficiently by leading a small team of people of different ethnicities and made me a better people manager.



juli 2010 - augustus 2015 (5 jaren en 1 maand)

At Linny's, I learned how to sell homemade Belgian waffles and ice cream in Dutch, French and English while working under pressure. I was appointed to take care of the whole business, including leading other students whenever the owner wasn't present. This experience made me stress resistant, helped me develop my (team) communication skills in three languages and made me a better planner.