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Tadeusz De Ruijter

Full Stack Developer

Kan reizen naar Rotterdam

  • 51.92278
  • 4.47578
  • Indicatief tarief € 620 / dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
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Locatie en reizen

Rotterdam, ZH, Nederland
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  • Rotterdam en 50 km rondom


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Vaardigheden (7)

Tadeusz in het kort

Focused on highly competitive markets the 14+ years of development experience have given me an edge in my development speed, agile approach and efficiency as my most valuable assets.

People call me positive minded and a problem solver. I like to get my hands dirty on the job. Finding the right solution is the greatest feeling in the world for me.

I am not afraid of failure. I think failure is part of my job. Yes it can give you some mixed emotions, we are still human after all. But I do strongly believe that if we don't try we will be stuck in the same place for many years.

I mainly focus on JAMSTACK architecture, Core Web Vitals & JavaScript / Typescript. I love to work with Node JS, Vue JS 2 & 3, Nuxt JS or even React / NEXT. I have a great passion for Javascript, Design Systems, DevOps Operations and SEO.

As a t-shaped developer I prefer working in cross-disciplined design and marketing teams. Continues
communication and feedback keeps the team aligned and motivated.

In my spare time I like to play games, work on my smart home or try out new techniques. I also like cycling & traveling.


Nomad Ventures

Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy

Freelance Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM), Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2008 - Vandaag (14 jaren en 6 maanden)

Companies hire me as a freelance full stack developer. I mainly focus on Javascript / Typescript, JAMSTACK architecture and Web Core Vitals. The focus on highly competitive markets and 14+ years of development experience have given me an edge in my development speed, agile approach and efficiency as my most valuable assets.

- Focused on Javascript / Typescript & JAMSTACK architecture.
- I have +/- 5 years of experience working with frameworks like Vue JS and React.
- Component based development (I am in love with Atomic Design Systems).
- Headless CMS with Storyblok or even Wordpress.
- Node JS / Express Experience for backends.
- REST API Development and knowledge of Graph QL.
- Databases like Firebase, MongoDB & SQL.
- Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean & Heroku.
- I set up my workflows with Docker, Kubernetes or DDEV.
- CI/CD with Netlify, GitLab, Jenkins, Buddy & Azure DevOps. I can build my own pipelines.
- SCSS with BEM methodology, (keyframe) animations, responsive grids.
- Technical SEO like Web Core Vitals, Structured Data, XML Sitemaps and Multi Language sites.
- WCAG 2.1 certified.
- Learning to master Three JS and exploring the world of A.I and Smart Living.



Freelance Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

Delft, Netherlands

juli 2021 - Vandaag (1 jaar)

Helping improve the usability of the 'IKEA franchise concept' for a better co worker experience. A full-time assignment to create a better way of delivering knowledge and learning to enable a better work cycle for +/- 220.000 co workers across the world. Our application engages a better understanding of the 'IKEA franchise concept' which leads to a better overall customer experience.

- Building a full scale application with Vue JS & Typescript.
- Worked with an Atomic Design system SKAPA from IKEA developed in Storybook.
- Combining DATA from knowledge graphs to the application with a middle layer REST API / JSON-LD.
- Working together with DevOps operations to ensure a secure Azure development environment.
- Developed the login flow with Azure MSAL-Browser.
- Close communication and work together with User Experience designers, Information Architectures, DevOps teams and Solution Architects.
- SCRUM Agile approach, Sprints, Stories / Epics, Retrospectives the whole shebang.
- WCAG 2.1 proof front end. Build for the many.

Daybreak Digital

Freelance Software Developer  - Als freelancer

1809 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA

februari 2022 - Vandaag (5 maanden)

Within the rental market it is still self-evident that everything is put on paper. With a great urge to change this habit, Daybreak Digital asked me to join and help a startup company within the rental housing industry. In this assignment I developed a full scale application that lets you manage your rental housing contract digitally.
- Building a full scale application with Vue JS & Javascript.
- It was a Greenfield project so we chose Vue 3 as our base setup.
- Using the composition API over the Options API.
- State management with Pinia.
- The most intense part of this project was extending a text editor with custom features.
- In collaboration with the back-end engineer we have built the backend in Python.


Freelance Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

The Hague, Netherlands

februari 2022 - april 2022 (2 maanden)

In a short period of 3 months I supported Verve Agency as a technical support engineer. During these 3 months I mainly focused on bug fixing and feature development for various cultural clients. When I started this assignment I knew nothing about Laravel. I showed myself that I can take on any challenge and come up with the right solution even when I am not comfortable within the main tech stack.
- Focused on Javascript and Laravel (PHP) and Statamic CMS.
- Examples: Adding extra fields in the CMS, Building new sliders, Fixing front end bugs for cross browsers etc.

Red Kiwi

Freelance Front End Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

september 2021 - december 2021 (3 maanden)

Building a safer digital society. Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing organizations worldwide with managed security, managed threat detection & response services. As the security services provider, we strive for a safer digital society. I helped Red Kiwi build the WCAG proof front end. Unfortunately I cannot present the used stack here. I can elaborate on this project within a set up call.


Freelance Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

1809 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA

november 2020 - augustus 2021 (9 maanden)

I feel a Need….. The Need for Speed! That's why I helped Hatless build a blazing fast design system that focuses on maximum SEO performance and accessibility. Due to the heavy focus on SEO I have set-up a static JAMSTACK environment while keeping Core Web Vitals in mind. In addition my activities also included setting up CI/CD pipelines, allowing content managers to continue their work without the help of a developer. All built with NUXT JS.
- Fullstack JAMSTACK development.
- Based on Javascript Framework Vue JS and Static site generation with NUXT JS.
- SCSS Functions and Mixins + CSS Based on BEM Methodology.
- Headless CMS Solution with Storyblok.
- CI/CD with Netlify.
- Cloud based solutions with Vultr.
- Technical SEO, structured data, web core vitals, XML sitemap and Robot TXT.
- Progressive Web App development.

BuroContent | Online Marketing

Freelance Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

1809 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA

november 2020 - augustus 2021 (9 maanden)

Delivering digital platforms at a fast pace every 2/3 weeks. Sounds almost impossible right?! By making use of my own Design System and components library I was able to deliver a variety of platforms built on PHP such as e commerce-, job boards- and lead-gen platforms. My activities for Buro Content mainly focused on developing user-friendly Wordpress websites.
- Headless WordPress setup with Custom Rest API Routes.
- Custom Object Oriented PHP functions to extend Wordpress capabilities.
- Modern component based development.
- Custom Theme Development.
- WooCommerce, ACF Custom Fields, WPML and More advanced plugins.

Fuga Media

Development Team Lead

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM), Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

september 2016 - oktober 2020 (4 jaren en 1 maand)

Setting up a solid technical department in collaboration with the Operational Manager. We managed to grow the development department to 8 FTE within one year. Because of the growth I got the opportunity to develop myself as a tech-lead and explore the business/strategic side. My development activities focused on specific markets such as: Online Gaming, Crypto Markets, Finance & Soccer.
- Modern Javascript frameworks like NUXT JS, Gatsby, React and Vue JS.
- CMS developed in PHP and Javascript (Symfony, Laravel, Wordpress, Strapi and Storyblok).
- CSS in Bem Methodology. SCSS Variables, Mixins and Functions.
- CI/CD with Netlify and Buddy.
- Cloud based development with Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku.
- Custom API development + use of Axios.
- Technical SEO, structured data, web core vitals and XML sitemap and Progressive Web App development.

Joe Benelli Home and Living

Freelance Front end Developer  - Als freelancer

1809 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA

januari 2015 - februari 2016 (1 jaar en 1 maand)

Joe Benelli Home and Living has been a large supplier of interior products for more than 10 years. For the course of 14 months I helped the marketing team to implement their conversion ideas. I did this by manipulating the DOM with javascript. Every 2 or 3 weeks we tested new ideas on multiple ecommerce platforms. It was fun working in an agile environment and improving my development speed by testing small business ideas.
- Javascript DOM Manipulation with modern javascript techniques.
- HTML based on w3school.
- CSS / SCSS based on components.
- CI/CD testing and pushing ideas to production and live environments.
- Learned a lot about marketing and conversion optimization.


Front end Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2014 - januari 2016 (2 jaren)

I started a company called Foove with a few study buddy's. We focused on developing a platform called We created an A.I system that determined which festival suited you best. We used Big Data from Facebook and Spotify to see which music you and your friends like to get a festival fit. Unfortunately the product did not make the product market fit and we stopped working together.
- building component based web applications using javascript, html and scss.
- Connecting REST API's with the front end.
- Using Anime JS to make graph animations based on big data results.
- Developing Apps for iPhone and Android.

Indicia Interactiv

Freelance WordPress Developer  - Als freelancer

Breda, Netherlands

januari 2014 - december 2014 (11 maanden)

Indicia goes beyond creating digital solutions. Indicia develops digital products from a business perspective. Because Indicia had a lack of time to support a few clients. I helped them support these clients with Development work and in depth content management training. I learned the meaning of brand experience and worked on high end experiences like Heesen Yachts.


Freelance WordPress Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2009 - december 2014 (5 jaren en 11 maanden)

The owner of F4E asked me to help him develop concepts for the soccer industrie. I have built dozens of fan sites for semi pro soccer players, have developed a custom soccer coach platform and helped F4E to develop a personal soccer game that helps kids who struggle with math.


Junior Front end Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2008 - december 2011 (3 jaren en 11 maanden)

As a young developer I had the opportunity to work with a lot of well known and unknown artists developing music fan pages. Working in this fast moving sector taught me to act quickly on business opportunities. I had to develop component based fan pages at a very fast pace every week.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ouders van Meerlingen (NVOM)

Junior Front-end Developer  - Als freelancer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2005 - december 2008 (3 jaren en 11 maanden)

I started my career as a Junior Front-end Developer at Nederlandse Vereniging voor Meerlingen. My function had a wide range of tasks including Small visual optimizations. Front-end Development in HTML, PHP, and CSS. Adding content as a content manager. And technical website maintenance.