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Michael Trouw

Senior Frontend Developer

Kan reizen naar Amsterdam

  • 52.3727
  • 4.8936
  • Indicatief tarief €640 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Michael hebt geaccepteerd.

Tot 27-5-2022

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Michael hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Amsterdam, Nederland
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Amsterdam en 50 km rondom


Tijdsduur van de opdracht
  • tussen 3 en 6 maanden
  • ≥ 6 maanden
  • ≤ 1 week
  • ≤ 1 maand
  • 11 - 49 personen
  • 50 - 249 personen
  • 250 - 999 personen
  • 1000 - 4999 personen
  • ≥ 5000 personen




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Vaardigheden  (33)

Michael in het kort

Polyglot software developer (not specifically bound to any specific language) with a passion for building applications with great user experiences. Currently working with Angular or VueJs, very interested in working with Svelte. ~10 years of experience in IT, of which 6 building large web applications.
Always interested in - yet skeptical of - the new and shiny within frontend development. UX, UI and specifically UI animation and smooth interfaces (transitional interfaces) have my interest. E-security 🔐 and privacy (GDPR) 🕶 and owning my own data 📫 are important to me. In my private life I spend a lot of time working out in preparation of chasing my outdoor sports goals and I try to live- ánd marketeer a more sustainable life 🌍🍃☃


Athora Netherlands

Freelance Frontend Developer  - Als freelancer

Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands

augustus 2021 - Vandaag (5 maanden)

The green shepherd

Freelance Frontend Developer  - Als freelancer

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

juni 2021 - Vandaag (7 maanden)


Frontend Developer

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

april 2020 - augustus 2021 (1 jaar en 4 maanden)

At Carepay I've enjoyed working for a great company with the social-economic mission to improve healthcare in three major African countries. During my time here, I've worked on features for three different teams in the Angular frontend codebase, worked on some platform improvements (among others an app-wide default error-handling mechanism consuming both legacy backend errors and newer problemJSON responses, and adding lint-staged to improve code-quality at pre-commit time), participated in support duties, built internal tools using Retool to automate time-consuming support processes and discovered (during Covid-19) that working from home abroad with valued colleagues acts as a gigantic stress relief, productivity boost and motivator. --- Angular 8+ | (S)CSS | Storybook | Retool | MySQL | Jira | bitbucket | Datadog | Postman | Tamper Dev | lint-staged


Frontend Developer

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

april 2019 - augustus 2021 (2 jaren en 4 maanden)

Having helped start the second unit of frontend developers within CodeZilla was a great experience and brought me experience in conducting job interviews. Regular knowledge sharing sessions, cool company events (some even during covid, when it was possible), great colleagues with a lot of frontend knowledge and humour, having the opportunity to work at a comfortable and spacious new shared office in Utrecht and in general a friendly and amicable ambiance all contributed to a great time working at CodeZilla.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Frontend Developer

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

april 2019 - maart 2020 (11 maanden)

Working in the BlueWeb Search team - which was responsible for building and maintaining the search component of KLM's online ticket-sales web application - taught me what working in a fast-paced, highly agile, super-coöperative team with a lot of responsibilities is like. I enjoyed learning a lot from smart and able colleagues both within my own team and in the BlueWeb team at large. I briefly took over a small part of the information-analysis responsibilities of a colleague that left, and I got the chance to not only work with GraphQL in the front- and backend, but also be part of a small 'taskforce' to refactor a set of overcomplicated frontend components and implement GraphQL caching using readQuery and readFragment at the same time, greatly reducing these components' complexities. --- Angular 9 | (S)CSS | GraphQL | Apollo | Jira | bitbucket | Postman | MITM | Polly.js


Frontend Developer

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

augustus 2016 - maart 2019 (2 jaren en 7 maanden)

Working here as a (medior) frontend developer learning much from the professional development environment (CI / CD), fellow software developers with a razor sharp eye for security, clean code and code architecture. I worked on two separate projects within ZIVVER: the main web application (https://app.zivver.com) and a smartphone app TeleDE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ6y2hhPXOQ) --- Angular 7 | AngularJs | TeamCity | Upsource | Kibana (ELK stack)

bbn adviseurs

Junior Fullstack Developer

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

juni 2015 - juli 2016 (1 jaar en 1 maand)

Inhouse web application development. Worked together with 3 other full-stack developers in a really cozy and great team of 4 in which we all felt a great sense of team effort. Ever since working with PHP years ago, learning to work with Node.js / Express was a refresher but also very useful to pick up again. I worked on 2 internal projects here: vastgoedmaps.nl (listed under projects) and a second, new project, which is still undisclosed. During the last project I learned to work professionally with AngularJs which I really enjoyed.

Xomnia B.V.

Junior Data Scientist

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

juli 2014 - augustus 2014 (1 maand)

learning Java while helping with data analysis and prediction projects during the summer of 2014


Graduation student

februari 2012 - augustus 2012 (6 maanden)

I did my graduation project at Booreiland, a platform for creative productions that 'engages' in the internet of things, by trying new projects in this area and by having written a book about it called 'Metaproducs'. I created an iPad app prototype together with an arduino solution for a (physical) tennis traning device. The main focus for me was the technical part of the prototype, programming, hardware (electronic) prototyping and the communication between the two. I learned a great deal from this project.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Junior instructeur praktijkonderwijs

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

februari 2012 - mei 2012 (3 maanden)

Junior teacher of a programming course for actionscript 3 basics. Two classes a week plus preparing the pre-made coursematerial made by senior teachers for 2 months. Second time I gave this course.


Serious game / webdevelopment intern

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

februari 2011 - juli 2011 (5 maanden)

I worked as a programming intern at IJsfontein where I enjoyed my internship a lot. I learned a lot and got inspired by other programmers. Also this is where I had my first encounter with functional programming concepts thanks to my then-mentor Brian Heylin - Brian if you ever read this - again, thanks for inspiring me!


Frontend actionscript programmer

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

januari 2010 - maart 2011 (1 jaar en 2 maanden)

I worked on ActionScript 3 interactive web projects (frontend) under the mentorship of more senior fulltime developers as a part-time job during my study at HvA. I also learned to work with the ActionScript Flex rapid application development ecosystem, with which I helped build a photo manipulation tool (simple photo editing tooling + some simple effects) for the Nikon I AM promotion

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Junior Instructeur Praktijkonderwijs

november 2010 - februari 2011 (3 maanden)

Junior teacher of a programming course for actionscript 3 basics. Two classes a week plus preparing the pre-made coursematerial made by senior teachers for 2 months.

Studievereniging IAM Core

Voorzitter / Chairman


november 2009 - september 2010 (10 maanden)

Reign over the then-very-small study association IAM (InterActive Media) Core, together with fellow students Kasper Beumer, Maartje van der Leij and Mendel Looije.

Egotribe & De Baas Media

Junior actionscript 3 developer

september 2009 - oktober 2009 (1 maand)

Worked as a webdeveloper with knowledge of actionscript 3. work was diverse and really fun. Had to leave because there was need for a full-time developer.

Deputy IT

Junior webdeveloper

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

november 2008 - juni 2009 (7 maanden)

Foremost webdevelopment with Joomla, incorporating designs, shaping designs into something that IE 6 would be able to digest. After I learned how horrible web development was at the time (having to have to incorporate specific code for every single version of Internet Explorer around) I went the ActionScript route which I enjoyed for many, many years until Apple and Steve Jobs burned this wonderful ecosystem to the ground :(

Matas Electronics B.V.

IT Intern (web application development)


januari 2007 - januari 2008 (1 jaar)

As my last and 3rd intern position for finishing MBO I built a web application for testing PCB's that were developed at this company. A third-party sold the custom made hardware (Test-OK: https://www.test-ok.nl/) which stored information in a MySQL database, which the web application accessed, made browsable, and on top of that integrated with the company ERP systems. This was an assignment I did on my own yet in close collaboration with the IT-admin, CEO and engineering lead. Work responsibilities also included solving basic both soft- and hardware related computer problems

ILC Europe

IT administrator / Webdesigner

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

augustus 2006 - november 2007 (1 jaar en 3 maanden)

Work responsibilities here were divided between solving soft- and hardware problems for clients on-site ánd doing some work as a beginning web developer, both design and development.

Stichting Sint Marie

IT Assistant (intern / trainee)

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

januari 2006 - januari 2006

Solve and manage desk IT related problems mostly. I also built a web application in PHP which had as purpose to serve as a lightweight problem / ticket database frontend.

Gemco International

IT assistant (intern / trainee)

Eindhoven Area, Netherlands

januari 2004 - januari 2005 (1 jaar)

First real experience working as an IT assistent intern. work responsibilities included solving basic both soft- and hardware related computer problems and reporting more serious problems.