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Meg V.

Full Stack | Ruby on Rails | React

Thuiswerken vanuit Brussel

  • 50.845985
  • 4.273769
  • Indicatief tarief € 400 / dag
  • Werkervaring 2-7 jaar
  • Antwoordpercentage 100%
  • Antwoordtijd Een aantal dagen
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Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Meg hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Brussel, VB, België
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  • tussen 1 en 3 maanden
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Meg in het kort

Full stack developer with 4 years of professional experience, mainly using Ruby on Rails and React. I've also gotten my feet wet with Node.js and Typescript. And of course, there's the basics like HTML and CSS/SCSS and the like. I'm a fast learner, and am not afraid to try new languages and frameworks.
I love working for startups and small-ish sized companies, because they move fast and get things done. I would rather skip long, pointless meetings and just make it happen!



MIYU - Web Development


Freelance Web Developer  - Als freelancer

Barcelona, Spain

februari 2022 - Vandaag (3 maanden)

Currently open for freelance assignments. Front/Back/Full.



Full Stack Developer

Barcelona, Spain

februari 2020 - februari 2022 (2 jaren)

Working mainly with React and Ruby on Rails.

What i am most proud of during this experience:

- Implementing rebranding of the webapp (twice actually).
- Learning React on the go
- Implementing 2 factor authentication in Stripe in all payment flows
- Countless smaller features, including a frequency-and-quantity
adapter, order planner, snack selector, wizard flow, checkout page, ...
- Starting a new job just before lockdown, working remotely with my
colleagues and an external contractor team that I have never met


Civiele techniek & bouwkunde

Full Stack Developer  - Als freelancer

Brussels, Belgium

mei 2018 - februari 2020 (1 jaar en 9 maanden)

Ruby on Rails

Collaborating on the construction of a Saas from scratch (early startup phase). The app is set up in RoR, and over time we introdced React.js.

I have worked on a wide range of features, such as:
- An accounting tool that allows customers to create invoices
- A quote generator to trigger prospects of our customers
- The core of the app: cross-device workorder creation

Megenfelixendekat BVBA

Freelance developer at Megenfelixendekat BVBA  - Als freelancer

Brussels, Belgium

april 2018 - februari 2020 (1 jaar en 10 maanden)

Offering freelance IT consultancy.


Mode & cosmetica

Designer - Founder at - Sustainable clothing


februari 2017 - februari 2018 (1 jaar)

I created a collection of sustainable women's fashion. the whole
process was done by myself, from creating the designs, finding
the right suppliers and stockists to the marketing and
maintenance of the webshop.

Social Lab Group

Social Media Strategist

Amsterdam, Netherlands

juli 2015 - januari 2017 (1 jaar en 6 maanden)

Working for Philips at the client's site. Co-designing and executing social media campaigns for personal care goods.


Global Sales Account Specialist

Barcelona, Spain

januari 2013 - juni 2015 (2 jaren en 5 maanden)

- Working with a $1M portfolio of high value agencies and end clients in the CEE market
- Deep knowledge of Facebook Marketing platform
- Lead point of contact between Facebook and agency clients
- Uplift revenue across portfolio
- Train clients on new launches and product updates on the platform
- Optimize campaign performance by analysis of campaign metrics
- Deep knowledge of SalesForce

Facundo Farias - Happets


I've worked with Meg for more than 2 years, when we did the interview I saw it right away: She's really passionate and hard worker. Also, super precise while doing frontend stuff, and a really quick learner.

James Cuddy - James Cuddy


It's rare to find someone like Meg, who has a great understanding how to translate content requirements into system architecture, but also has a fantastic attention to detail and precision when finessing UI. Meg has been super proactive, responsive, and all together a real pleasure to work with.