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Gregory Bulnes Cuetara

Data Solutions Architect | Data Science Expert

Kan reizen naar Bruxelles, Mons, Leuven

  • 50.845985
  • 4.273769
  • Indicatief tarief € 700 / dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
  • Antwoordpercentage 100%
  • Antwoordtijd 1 uur
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Gregory hebt geaccepteerd.

Deze freelancer heeft aangegeven parttime beschikbaar te zijn, 2 dagen per week, maar heeft dit meer dan 7 dagen niet meer bevestigd.

Parttime , 2 dagen per week

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Gregory hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Bruxelles, VB, Belgique
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Bruxelles en 50 km rondom
  • Mons en 50 km rondom
  • Leuven en 30 km rondom


Tijdsduur van de opdracht
  • ≤ 1 week
  • ≤ 1 maand
  • tussen 1 en 3 maanden
  • tussen 3 en 6 maanden
  • ≥ 6 maanden


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Vaardigheden (34)

Gregory in het kort

Passionate about technology, with +7 years working in data and analytics in a wide range of industries: food & beverages, banking, insurance, telecom, pharmacy, energy, research & innovation. What drivers me every day is to hand in hand with my clients to ensure straight to the point and profitable business solutions are designed, delivered, and integrated into their operations.

My experience as a lead on complex projects helps me identify the best road to follow both in terms of strategy and implementation roadmaps. On the other hand, having had experience as a developer, I can effectively communicate and be the interface with technical teams, or even support the delivery of high-quality IT solutions.
As a freelance, I worked as project lead and manager on several IT and data projects/programs including:
• M&A due diligence, system migrations and integrations
• Data solutions development and deployment
• Cloud environment setup & migrations
• Data Strategy and Governance
• Full-stack web apps and IT solutions

During those year I also took more operational roles as IT manager, in which I managed teams of +15 data scientists & engineers, being responsible for:
• Definition of our value proposition
• Management and coordination of internal team projects
• Business development and pre-sales activities
• People management and coaching


Rent+ - Summary Rent GmbH


Project Manager / Digital Transformation Lead  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

januari 2022 - december 2022 (11 maanden)

Context: Rent+ is a software provider who wants to modernize their core product, level up its development team implementing DevOps standards, and grow their visibility on the market and sales.

- Performed technical due diligence within the context of an M&A and coordinated the following migration of IT assets
- Provide advice and support on strategy and solution development to support business activities
- Trained and coached employees on agile and CI/CD practice
- Build and maintain IT projects roadmap to ensure business objectives are met (including migration to SaaS, multi-platform support projects, RFID and barcode support, add-ons)
- Scoping, cost and resource estimations, external partners selection and negotiations
- Coordinate the delivery of a new website and several add-ons under the form of web applications, with the support of internal and external developers

Tools & Techniques: Agile project management, TOGAF framework, Microsoft Azure, Python web applications, .NET, X#, C#, Github

Telenet - Telenet


Data Science Chapter Lead  - Als freelancer

Mechelen, VB, Belgium

januari 2022 - juni 2022 (5 maanden)

Context: My client fully implemented a Scrum matrix model within its organization and needs an interim Chapter lead to manage Data Scientists performing work in different squads.

- Managed a team made of +25 data scientists, support in hiring process and interface with external providers
- One-to-one team members coaching, follow-up, and evaluations
- Alignment with product owners from several squads and plan for resources to ensure quarter objectives are met
- Coordination and monitoring of team operations and internal projects (migration to AWS, model monitoring and quality control, data scientist onboarding program)


Pharmaceutische industrie

Project Manager  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

januari 2022 - juni 2022 (5 maanden)

Context: MSD Benelux wants to lift a Data Squad with the objective of defining a unified Data Strategy for the External Affairs, Medical Affairs and Commercial Affairs departments.

- Refinement of the business case drafted by the project sponsors, with strong emphasis on delimiting the project scope
- Communication and onboarding of MSD stakeholders during project initiation
- Definition of plan for team setup with core Data Squad team and validation by sponsors
- Identification of data gaps and opportunities within specific indication scopes
project man

UCB Pharma SA - Ucb Pharma SA

Pharmaceutische industrie

Project Manager  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

februari 2021 - augustus 2021 (6 maanden)

Context: Coordinated the implementation of a data governance and management solution for the EMEA commercial branch.

- Coordinated the day-to-day activities of a team of Collibra developers and functional analysts
- Conducted several status reports to project stakeholders (business owners, IT owners, team leads, data scientists and business analysts)
- Interface between end users, product owners and delivery team, including the coordination of reviews during development and onboarding sessions after delivery
- Oversee and contribute to the business documentation of the project (meeting notes, wiki entries, pptx presentations, and other)

Tools & Techniques: Agile project management, Collibra, Azure Devops
Agile method collibra azure devops

UCB Belgium - Ucb Pharma SA

Pharmaceutische industrie

Data Management Expert  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

september 2020 - maart 2021 (6 maanden)

Context: The EMEA commercial branch wants to setup a data governance program that guarantees data quality standards and ensures full leverage of advanced analytics capabilities. We delivered a data governance blueprint for the setup of this program that was subsequently implemented at European level.

- Identified and interviewed +50 key stakeholders, including data scientists and developers, business analysts, product owners, team leads, at both local and European levels
- Co-created a data governance blueprint including the operating model for data governance, a roadmap for its setup, with planning from organization requirements and processes down to technology
- Reviewed existing IT and data architecture landscape and provided ‘to be’ recommendations
- Interface between project sponsors, main contributors to the governance organization, and communication of the new framework towards the organization as a whole (EMEA)
- Oversee and contribute to the business documentation of the project (meeting notes, wiki entries, pptx presentations, and other)

Tools & Techniques: Agile project management, Collibra

ZF Group - ZF Group


Project Manager  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

april 2020 - augustus 2020 (4 maanden)

Context: The Global Commercial Excellence department wants to adapt their local prices to maximize either of margin, revenue, customer attrition. Our team delivered a pricing optimization tool, according to predefined business constraints and integrating data from disparate and siloed sources.

- Coordinated the delivery of a pricing optimization tool, according to predefined business constraints and integrating data from disparate and siloed sources.
- Business requirements gathering and mapping to product features
- Functional design of interactive dashboards to display suggested price ranges with corresponding risk metrics
- Interface between business stakeholders and delivery team

Tools & Techniques: Agile project management, PySpark, Forecasting & Data Science with Python, Databricks, RShiny web application


Banken & verzekeringen

Senior Data Scientist  - Als freelancer

Brussels, VB, Belgium

november 2019 - maart 2020 (4 maanden)

Context: Our client provides B2B insurances against payment defaults of their client’s debtors. To optimize their risk and exposure, they want to use online data to better assess the risk bared by these debtors. I delivered a solution integrating internal databases with externally scrapped data, and providing a risk metric built on advanced analytics models.

- Solution design for data acquisition through web scrapping and API integration, pre-processing, and modelling
- Delivery of data ingestion and integration scripts with intermediate reporting for data quality monitoring
- Feature engineering and risk score modelling
- Presented solution key results to business stakeholders and provided comprehensive solution documentation for takeover by internal data science team

Tools & Techniques: Python web scrapping and data engineering, Machine learning with Python, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization


Wijnen & Sterke dranken

Data Science Expert & Cloud Developer  - Als freelancer

Arrondissement Leuven, VB, Belgium

juni 2018 - december 2019 (1 jaar en 6 maanden)

Context: The Global Sensory & Consumer Science team internally delivers insights on market sentiments and trends, customer preferences linked to sensory properties of their and competing products. To support their activities, we designed and delivered of a big data cloud platform to ingest, integrate, and analyze social media data, customer surveys and expert panel data.

- Designed and setup of a big data cloud platform to ingest and integrate data from several sources and provide a working environment for the internal data science team
- Delivered custom Python and R packages to support the internal data science team performing statistical analysis and custom reporting (automated pptx generation)
- Scripted and automated the scheduling of fault tolerant data ingestion through web scraping of online resource
- Several interactive dashboards to report and communicate insights on consumer preference landscapes, product positioning optimization and trends analysis
- Access policy and platform administration

Tools & Techniques: Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Postgres, Python, R, Agricolae, Dash-Plotly, PySpark, NLTK

Morgan Brossier - ABINBEV


I've been working with Gregory at AB-Inbev in Global Sensory & Consumer Science team. He was an incredible asset for the team bringing a lot of value and experience to deliver results in targeted timelines. He designed, sustained and optimize our Big Data platform capability to better fit our needs and enabling cost savings. He built script automating repetitive tasks to increase our efficiency and consistency. Gregory loves sharing his experiences and leverage them to improve skills of the entire team. I would strongly recommend him as an experienced professional with a strong leadership and team spirit. Personally I really enjoyed working with him.

Meric Potier - Keyrus


I worked with Gregory on a mission for Telenet, where he was heading the Data Science Chapter (team manager role). Gregory is an experienced professional - which was aknowledged by his peers and direct reports. He combines a high IQ with a high EQ, making him a respected and empathic team player. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get to work, and is open to feedback. I highly recommend a collaboration with Gregory!