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Gaetan Beuten

Digital Specialist

Kan reizen naar Gent

  • 51.0538
  • 3.725
  • Indicatief tarief €640 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
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Parttime , 1 dag per week

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Gaetan hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Gent, België
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  • Gent en 50 km rondom


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Gaetan in het kort

Extremely passionate about helping companies perform online with a specialization in E-commerce.

Have been active in e-commerce and online marketing since the early age of 18. From starting my own Shopify store to running a 450+ FTE e-commerce brand and everything in between that helped me get there. Including but not limited to online marketing, project management, coordination of development and freelancers, conversion ratio optimization, user experience and design.

The basis of every project for me starts with strategy. A very deep understanding of the company (or project), the customers, the value proposition, the product range, the sector, and the brand itself. After the strategy has been validated, it's time to go to work.

Before I dive into performance marketing I make a comprehensive to-do list for low-hanging fruit that impact the conversion rate. A good conversion rate is the basis of successful marketing. No amount of marketing can fix a bad conversion rate. You just end up burning a lot of money just to find out what we already knew.

My strategy, for the most part, is customer-oriented. Building customer relationships is of the utmost importance in this day and age where competition is fierce and choices are plenty. Loyalty goes both ways and customer loyalty cannot be beaten by price or marketing.

Curious to find out how I can impact your business? Let's talk!



Head Of Ecommerce

Ghent, Belgium

mei 2019 - Vandaag (2 jaren en 11 maanden)

After just a little more than a year of working behind the scenes at Graphius, is born. The Graphius Group 's answer to online printing. What looks like just any other website on the surface actually harbors more than 140 million product configurations, rivaling the product range of e commerce giants like Amazon. All of this plugged into a fully automatic production chain from order to delivery. Due to my early involvement in the project I had the opportunity to tackle a very wide variety of problems and the ability to help shape the final product alongside a great team and fantastic external support from back-end and front end developers. The variation of challenges and the degrees of difficulty stimulated a lot of personal and intellectual growth. Check it out at Some of my day-to-day
- Overseeing the online platforms and activity
- Development and coördination of Belprinto
- Website design & user experience analysis and optimization
- Website & customer data analysis
- Strategy and execution of buyer intent focused SMA/SEA campaigns
- Customer journey & sales funnel mapping and analysis
- Conversion rate optimization

Graphius Group

Ecommerce Manager

Ghent, Belgium

mei 2019 - Vandaag (2 jaren en 11 maanden)

Responsible for the online activities of Graphius Group on a content- analytical as well as commercial level, with the purpose of bringing a coherent e commerce policy that helps achieve the business objectives. General
- Overseeing the online platforms and activity
- An internal and external point of contact
- Development and coördination of diverse e-commerce projects E-Commerce
- Website Design Optimization / User Experience
- Data Analysis & Data-Driven Decision Making (Website)
- SEA (Google Ads / Google Analytics)
- Customer Journey / Sales Funnel (Analysis & Optimization)
- Conversion Rate Optimization
- Coordination of Freelancers (Copywriters, Photographers, Marketeers, Graphic Designers) Online Marketing
- Data Analysis & Data-Driven Decision Making (Social Media)
- Social Media Content Planning, Creation & Coordination
- SMM (Social Media)
- OmniChannel Marketing (Strategy & Execution)
- Marketing Strategy & Execution (Mainly online)
- Customer Journey / Sales Funnel (Analysis & Optimization)
- Remarketing / Funneling (Strategy & Execution)
- Automated Email Marketing Funnels (Planning, Execution, and Analysis)
- Coordination of Freelancers (Copywriters, Photographers, Marketeers, Graphic Designers)



Ghent, Belgium

januari 2019 - mei 2019 (4 maanden)

- Prospecting, recruiting and negotiating with influencer talent
- Design, maintenance, and improvements on the website front- and backend
- Turning website data into data-driven decision making
- Trend watching and content creation SEO / SEA CRO / Funnel Analysis Customer Journey Analysis Multi channel marketing Content creation