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Fábio Beirão
Software Architect, Full Stack Developer
Fábio maakt deel uit van de beste bijdragers op Malt en profiteert van een gepersonaliseerde begeleiding van ons team.
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Veghel, The Netherlands
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  • Veghel en 30 km rondom
  • Eindhoven en 20 km rondom

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A generalist software architect, with a background on full-stack development in .NET C#, SQL (Postgres+SQL Server), Elm (and functional languages in general), JavaScript. Open to learn new languages.
Devops all the way: it's not just about writing the code, we must observe it, learn from real production data, so that our next iteration brings the most meaningful impact possible.
There are no perfect solutions, but together we can find one that is just right.
My super power is making terrible software jokes that work on my machine. I believe the greatest asset is the team and not necessarily the product itself: Great products come from great teams.

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    Menlo Park, CA, USA

    september 1998 - Vandaag   25 jaren
    Als ik het zou moeten samenvatten, zou ik zeggen dat het een geweldig avontuur is...
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Fábio's expertise as a technical lead is unparalleled, as demonstrated by his successful mission as a contractor for our multi contry/lingual editorial website project. He displayed a strong ability to manage the project and ensured that deadlines were met without compromising on quality. Fábio also demonstrated excellent communication skills by facilitating collaboration between the product owner and the development team, and leading technical decision-making meetings. Fábio's leadership ensured that the team continued to deliver in a seamless SCRUM environment sprint after sprint. His technical proficiency and attention to detail helped the team overcome challenges and achieve their goals. We highly recommend Fábio for any technical lead role, as he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. His dedication to delivering exceptional results and his ability to lead technical teams effectively make him a valuable asset to any project.

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2 externe aanbevelingen

Yoram Griguer en 1 ander persoon bevelen Fábio aan

Yoram GriguerYG
Yoram Griguer
As a Tech Lead for Neurodiem, Fábio showed is great ability to handle multiple complex topics simultaneously, adapt quickly and his ease to navigate among all stakeholders to get things done. He was key in the successful release of important features and the launch of Neurodiem website and mobile app in new countries over the past year.
Fábio has very sharp technical skills, is a true problem-solver, team player, open minded, always customer focused and all this always with a positive energy and a big smile.
I truly recommend Fábio, and I genuinely hope I will get the chance to work with him again in the future.
Solenn PigaultSP
Solenn Pigault
During Fábio's time at Biogen, we had the opportunity to work together on a daily basis. As the Product Manager for Neurodiem, I needed his support to ensure the technical quality of the website/app of both existing and new features, as well as the overall architecture of the product.

He has been an amazing support in the definition of various new features on the Neurodiem website and app, as well as in identifying improvement opportunities. His technical knowledge and user-oriented mindset were most valued within the team.
He has been a great interlocutor for the team of 4 developers working on the project.

In addition to this, I enjoyed working with Fábio for his positive attitude and genuine care for the people around him. He is a great team player that anyone would be happy to work with!

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