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Can Demir

Data Engineer

Kan reizen naar Breda

  • 51.5888
  • 4.77602
  • Indicatief tarief €600 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Can hebt geaccepteerd.
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Can hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Breda, Niederlande
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Breda en 50 km rondom



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Can in het kort

My name is Can. I have spent the past +7 years in automotive and retail (omnichannel retail company) companies. I am keen to continue developing my career in the field of Data Analytics.

My long-term goal is to achieve an international success story. I'm fully committed to present my knowledge and sharing my experience. I would like to be the "go to person", engage, lead and influence the team and develop the team so that we can deliver more to customers.

Besides my technical experience, I also have experience in non-technical roles. In this way, I can easily think from a customer point of view while doing a job. So, I always ask that does it add value for the customer? For me that is the most important thing, always!
I am open to learn and implement new, modern technologies. This includes cloud, non-cloud, open source or licensed products.
At my previous experiences, I had responsibilities to build BI architecture and data platforms from scratch. I worked lots of time as a full stack BI Engineer. I can create a new dwh (on prem or cloud) including its integration packages. From this dwh, I can create an OLAP cube, too. I can create some reports or dashboards on SSRS or Power BI. I can analyse data with Python and I can make some basic predictions and ML solutions on the data. Also, I can create a dashboard with real time data that using Event Hub – Stream Analytics and Power BI. I can develop and design an lambda architecture.
We managed our projects in accordance with Agile procedures. I used Jira, TFS and bitbucket for version control system and code management. Also I used atlassian confluence for real time team Collaboration, Documentation, and Knowledge.