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Camille Garo

Brand Strategist & Facilitator

Kan reizen naar Amsterdam

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  • Indicatief tarief €800 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 2-7 jaar
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Camille hebt geaccepteerd.
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Camille hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Amsterdam, Nederland
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Amsterdam en 50 km rondom


Tijdsduur van de opdracht
  • ≤ 1 week
  • ≤ 1 maand
  • tussen 1 en 3 maanden


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Camille in het kort

I help product-centered startups to create great brand strategies & enhance their mission in the world to up their game 🚀

I leverage your TEAMS' vision and the experience actually lived by your CLIENTS to precise together
> The purpose of your business
> Your brand's vision, mission, values
> The way you will embody them on a daily basis - with your teams and within your market,
> The great experience your clients will live on every touchpoint 🏓

🦹‍♀️ Consumer insights are my favorite guests stars to make the project successful
💫 Alignement will be our team-tagline

Ok, what documents do we have in the end ?
> An actionable brand book 🎉
> A storytelling playbook to always know how to tell your brand's story (to investors, your market, to your podcaster friend) 🎯
> An experience playbook to offer the best brand experience to your customers and your teams 💝

👋 WHO AM I ?
My name is Camille and I am a fierce ambassador of the brand in growth strategies. I spend my time sharpening my methods and exploring innovative insights, that's why I worked in challenging environments : advertising agency, consulting firm, staturp, Fortune 500 company, in France and abroad (UK, Spain, Ireland).

Now i design ambitious brand strategies for french startups to help them design the best experience, product or brand for their stakeholders. I am currently in Amsterdam exploring this great ecosystem :)

📍Some examples of projects I worked on :

For a famous public Transportation Company 🚄, I participated into implementing new innovation habits and processes and creating an Innovation Lab (interviews, research/benchmark/opportunity reports, process, branding, positioning).

For a French Luxury group 👑, I helped define the positioning strategy and value their Métiers d'Art through research-directed workshops (competitive reviews, opportunities, communication/events agenda).

And global rebranding projects for ambitious french startups such as Pyxo, LegalPlace, Bump ...



Consultancy & auditing


Parijs, Frankrijk

januari 2019 - juli 2019 (5 maanden)