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Basil Burléon

Business/functional analyst
5 aanbevelingen
  • Voorgesteld tarief
    € 500 / dag
  • Werkervaring0-2 jaar
  • Antwoordpercentage100%
  • Antwoordtijd2 uur
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Locatie en reizen
Mons, HT, Belgium
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Mons en omstreken (tot 50 km)
  • Brussels en omstreken (tot 30 km)
  • Charleroi en omstreken (tot 50 km)

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Basil in het kort
  • Google
    september 1998 - Vandaag (25 jaren en 10 maanden)
    Menlo Park, CA, USA
    HTML CSS JS Photoshop

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5 externe aanbevelingen

Philippe Monnaie en 4 andere personen bevelen Basil aan

Philippe MonnaiePM
Philippe Monnaie
I worked with Basil at Smals as a fellow analyst in a non-supervisory role.
I have come to know Basil as an enterprising colleague, willing to step up, tackle a problem, and see it through to the end.
Basil has a calm demeanor and is a good listener, naturally inviting people to collaborate and move projects forward.
On top of that, he has the necessary technical background to understand more technical challenges and to communicate effectively with technical teams.
Fabrice RomagnoloFR
Fabrice Romagnolo
Basil was an expert in collecting and understanding our users and customers needs. He was very helpful in organizing and animating our development communities.
He was able to quickly deep dive into any technical debats.
We also appreciated his creative and pragmatic approach in all projects.
We miss his friendly collaboration and hope we'll share again with him.
Thom EngelTE
Thom Engel
Siemens AG
Basil was a great support of our team to investigate new approaches in computer learning. He managed perfectly to transfer the technical coarse idea into practical code concepts in order to test and significantly improve the new approach. He acted very targeted with a solid conceptual foundation. The whole team was impressed how fast he came up with a solution and how mature already the first try on the very new concept was. He has an outstanding abiity to understand new topics very fast and structure them very well in order to solve them quickly. By doing so, he always reflected technical aspects and business aspects in parallel to identify the best solution in very profound and professional way.
It is a real pleasure working with Basil - content wise and with his fine sense of humor while discussing various topics.
Olivier FrankiOF
Throughout our time working together, I have been impressed by Basil's ability to effectively analyze business processes and translate them into comprehensive IT solutions. He has a unique talent for understanding both the technical and business aspects of an organization, which enables them to bridge the gap between various stakeholders and drive successful outcomes.

Furthermore, Basil is an exceptional communicator and collaborator. They have a proven track record of effectively facilitating meetings, conducting interviews, and eliciting requirements from stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Their exceptional interpersonal skills allow them to build strong relationships with team members, clients, and vendors, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages open communication and promotes the success of projects.
Nicolas MichelNM
Nicolas Michel
Basil possesses excellent communication skills. He's an adept listener who creates a comfortable environment for others, a trait that has proven beneficial during brainstorming sessions and various meetings. He doesn't hesitate to take the ownership for the topics assigned to him..

In the realm of technical proficiency, Basil possesses a wide-ranging knowledge and is proficient in writing comprehensive Python reports, utilizing libraries such as Pandas and Numpy.

Finally his strong writing skills helped writing technical documents and documentation.

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